ConnectivTech is Fractional CTO organization

Specializing in vendor Selection & Procurement

Your Outsourced Procurement Department

ConnectivTech is comprised of high-end business technology advisors that specialize in vetting companies/vendors and matching them with the businesses we help.


Hundreds of Approved Vendors for Your Business

ConnectivTech proactively is always vetting organizations in order to create an approved vendor list. With over 150 Vetted, Approved and Tested vendors, 75% of the work is already done when we meet a client.


Because every business requires a unique solution, ConnectivTech carefully matches the best fit approved vendor/s to customize the last 25%.


Let Us Be Your Advocate

ConnectivTech is incentivized to make meaningful matches. Our vetting process and matchmaking service is a complimentary service! We don’t get paid until you select the right vendor.

Why ConnectivTech & What We Do

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