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ConnectivTech Takes the Guesswork and Waste Out of Vendor Research.

Why so many companies are failing at Vendor Selection

  • No time to gather requirements

  • No time to find and vet all the options

  • No understanding of what all the options are

  • No understanding on how to vet potential vendors

  • Overdependence on online reviews, references or referrals

  • Choosing a vendor based on a quote/lowest bid


The Challenge

One of the biggest expenses in a business is the vendors they pay to operate it. You have little choice but to dedicate some portion of your budget toward paying others to help you run your own company.

From simple every-day necessities like email, software subscriptions, and phone systems to more complex matters like cyber security and industry compliance, you have to rely on vendors each and every day to help you operate effectively.

Vendor selection has become more critical than ever--and it has also become increasingly more difficult. When done correctly, gathering company specific criteria, finding and vetting potential vendors, implementing services and training your employees can take months to complete--each time. In 3 out of 4 cases, companies are overspending and failing at this process.


The Solution

The world of tech vendors can feel oversaturated and difficult to navigate. Knowing who does what, how it's done, and, most importantly, who to trust is increasingly challenging.

That is why ConnectivTech spends an average of 5-10 hours pre-vetting each of our vendors, in order to create an approved vendor list. Once conditionally approved, we then start to test the vendors with various projects.

Our Process

  • Discovery session - Helps us understand your business and what need/needs you have. Together we decide the best path forward.
  • We then go back to our “approved Vendor” to vet them again. While our approved vendors are the best at what they do, we now need to find one that fits your company.
  • We always introduce you to the best fit first. In some occasions we will introduce you to multiple options.
  • We will walk you through the quoting process to get best prices.

Great Technology. Great Value. Great People.

Businesses and individuals are often defined by the people they are surrounded with. At ConnectivTech, it is our job to ensure your business is surrounded by the best.

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