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Core Values

  1. A person and a business can be defined by the people they are surrounded by.
  2. Without trust, there is no business.
  3. Every industry is extremely oversaturated and it is increasingly harder to figure out who to trust.
  4. Technology is only as good as the people behind it.
  5. Outsourcing to the right individuals and businesses save you time and money. Sadly, the opposite effect happens when outsourcing to the wrong vendor.
  6. Titles are deceiving. While there may be similarities with businesses in a similar industry, everyone & every business does things differently and is therefore unique.
  7. Every business needs a unique fit. What works well for a similar company within the same industry, may not work well for your company.

ConnectivTech has emulated a model that all the fortune 500 to the fortune 5 have in house. They have dedicated departments towards vendor selection & procurement. They understand the value of outsourcing to the right professionals/organizations.

ConnecitivTech has taken an enterprise level solution and now has brought that to all business.

ConnectivTech is your Outsourced Procurement Department

Sadly, most businesses fail in their vendor selection process, forcing them to spend more time and money. Most organizations are relying on Google review, quotes, introductions, reference checks and RFPs to make these crucial decisions. These methods create uncertainty and are unreliable, at best.

To maximize our value we bring to our client, we are always proactively vetting organizations in order to create and approved vendor list. Vetting an organization properly take weeks, months or longer. Once approved, then the testing process begin!

ConnectivTech is your advocate to find the right vendor for your business. We are vendor selections specialists. We speak tech, human and business. We are here to help your business find vendors you would otherwise, have not found on your own.

ConnectivTech are Technologists that specialize in assessing the maturity of organizations/vendors and figuring out which one of those organizations/vendors would be the best match for your company.

Businesses these days have no choice but to outsource some aspects of your company. Weather it is something as simple as your Microsoft subscription for emails or excel sheets to something more complicated like cyber security, your business relies on other organizations in order to function. Outsourcing to right vendors can make or break a business.

We decided a long time ago, that to ensure we make strong matches, we don’t get paid until our clients selects the right vendor. We are incentivized to make meaningful matches or we don’t get paid.

ConnectivTech is your advisor, advocate and trusted partner to ensure your business is surrounded by the right people.

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