Copy machines and printers have long been standard components of most workplaces. While they used to simply provide print-outs and standard copies, today’s machines are much more sophisticated. Today, you can combine the functionality of these two machines into one device, called a multifunction printer. In addition to basic functions such as printing and copying, multifunction printers offer more advanced features, like remote printing and Wi-Fi connectivity.

With so many brands and models of multifunction printers offering a wide range of capabilities, it might seem overwhelming to sort through all of the options. And finding the right copier or printer that fits into the workflow of your business is essential, and making sure it’s secure from intrusion is just as vital. At ConnectivTech, we are experts in managing documents, optimizing the processes of your business, and ensuring the safety of your multifunction devices. 

Our mission is to help customers find the most efficient ways of operating their businesses. This means eliminating the risk of intrusion or data loss, along with optimizing your daily operations. The devices and hardware you use every day play a significant role in that, and we are here to help you find the best commercial copy machine for your business. 

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