Cyber penetration testing identifies gaps in system security, network security, employee knowledge and training, and then provides recommendations for mitigating those risks. Penetration testing is considered a foundational element of a proactive cyber security strategy.


Cyber Penetration Tests use a cyber attacker’s methods to thwart attempts at attacks. Just as cybercriminals take a high-level look at the technical infrastructure to determine their next move, pen testers explore the intricacies of the technical landscape to uncover an attack before it happens. By applying the same strategies and tools that attackers use to find vulnerabilities in public networks and devices, we are able to uncover information about networks, systems and applications that are prime for attack.

Penetration Testing

The goal of ConnectivTech’s penetration test, or pen test, is to stress every part of your company’s network to identify potential social engineering attacks, physical security liabilities, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats.

Phishing Attack

Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and other proprietary information for malicious reasons by disguising as a trustworthy entity via email. These sophisticated, yet subtle attacks target untrained employees and can lead to seriously damaging consequences.
ConnectivTech tests organizations by delivering customized phishing campaigns with compelling content from current topics from social networking sites and company press releases. These campaigns contain links, forms, and other actions that, if engaged, would reveal sensitive information. This enables us to thoroughly assess your organization’s phishing vulnerability and provide clear and actionable reporting on user behavior, areas of weakness and improvement, and progress over time. We also train your team on how to be more security savvy by understanding the risks and learning best practices.

Clean Slate Assessment

Building strong walls around your network is important to improving your organization’s security posture. But those walls are useless if a hacker is already inside. ConnectivTech’s Clean Slate Assessment ensures that adversaries aren’t lurking in your system. We thoroughly examine the state of your environment by analyzing outbound traffic and malware, and determine whether you’re currently or have been compromised. We detect advanced persistent threats with certainty and perform a comprehensive analysis of your system. The result is actionable cyber intelligence and peace of mind that your networks are clean.

Vulnerability Assessment

How susceptible is your company to a cyber attack? Is your organization at risk of a data breach?
A vulnerability assessment from ConnectivTech can answer both of these questions.
There are approximately 1 million new malware threats released each day, and most organizations aren’t prepared to combat even a small fraction of them.

Our vulnerability assessment helps fortify your system. We go beyond the traditional model and evaluate vulnerabilities within your system, as well as the cloud, mobile devices and third-party vendors. We offer an in-depth evaluation of your security posture that uncovers vulnerabilities and provides mitigation procedures to eliminate or reduce weaknesses to an acceptable level of risk.

ConnectivTech utilizes open-source and commercial tools to gain a hacker’s view of the true weaknesses within your environment. Our team then exhaustively tests these vulnerabilities to weed out the false positives and unrealistic attack vectors. The end result is a detailed report that includes remediation suggestions and actionable steps you can take to resolve vulnerabilities.

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