About ConnectivTech

At ConnectivTech, Inc, we are your company’s Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We partner with you and don’t get paid until we match your business with the right technology needs.
As your technology advisors, we provide customized business I.T. solutions to fit your needs regardless of industry or business size.

Technology should not be another problem to solve
– it should fuel your progress and innovation!

Areas of Focus:

    1. Cyber Security: How to protect your money, sensitive and proprietary information from hackers.
    2. 24/7 Help Desk: We are your outsourced I.T. department.
    3. Cloud / Network Support: How to most efficiently and safely store and access all your business information.
    4. Website Development: Whether you are a new or established business, it is important to develop an effective on-line presence.
    5. Software Development: Increase operational efficiency by getting your programs to speak to each other.  Build a business around your software.  Great for start-ups or established businesses.
    6. App Development: Have an idea that you want to be able to access on your phone or tablet?  Make your dreams a reality!
    7. Communications: More effective business phones, internet, and call routing.
    8. Business Printers: We improve your scanning, faxing, or printing capabilities
    9. Fractional CIO: We can help with Tech Projects, implementation and overall tech overview.
    10. Cyber Penetration Testing: See where your business is vulnerable to cyber attacks
    11. Cyber Forensic Analysis: If you business has been hacked, see what has been taken or lost.
    12. Cloud Optimization: If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure cloud services, find out how to save money on your monthly spend.

The technology industry is oversaturated with companies serving their own needs, not their customers.  Thus, it has become increasingly difficult choosing which technology companies to trust. ConnectivTech takes on the burden of vetting I.T. businesses off your plate to provide customized solutions for your company.  

Our job is to find and vet the technology that fits your budget and needs regardless of your business’s size. If you and your business are interested in learning more about ConnectivTech please contact us here.